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Spiritual Awareness

How can that be defined ?, to me it's being safe in the knowledge that I am loved and cared for and guided in everything I do. To know I'm safe in the arms of amazing Spirit Guides who do just that ... they guide me safely through every day allowing me to trust my instinctive feelings and to enjoy what they put before me.

My husbands G.Grandfather is with me a great deal of the time and to get my attention he pats me on the head...he passed when my Father in Law was a toddler , so naturally my husband never knew him, but there is an amazing affinity between them. My husband tries so hard (too hard) to feel his presence and gets quite upset at times that he gets his knowledge of him second hand (so to speak). Then last year he had a wonderful experience ( without my intervention), he works out side and was busy on a warm, bright Spring day and there were very few people about. All he says is that he felt different ...and couldn't believe his eyes when at his feet was a perfect white rose, nobody had passed by and there were no roses around ... as my rather bewildered husband put the rose in water here at home he just looked up and said "Thank you George"... such a wonderful sign of love from spirit made my husband so happy and really made him feel loved.It meant everything to him.

That is what is so wonderful, it takes such a huge amount of effort and energy for spirit to come through to us, yet they do it so willingly and lovingly , be it with flowers, feathers, messages, feelings, smells etc...... we are so truly blessed to receive their love .